Our recent mobile app is PiczBox.

Imagine having an event like a birthday, a wedding, a random party, or a company celebration. It would be nice to have a photo booth to capture that celebration. But a photo booth only sits in one corner. Well, you could just use your phone or your tablet to take photos around. Uhm, but phone cameras only capture single photos. Phone camera app doesn’t include auto framing multiple photos into a single image or have an event background to put an immediate stamp of what a captured photo was about. Well the answer to that need is what this app aims to deliver!

Download it in PlayStore and AppStore

Here’s a demo

Baybayin Apps

Heldandbell (formerly Badztech) is one of the pioneers in creating custom keyboards for mobile devices that helped preserve ancient asian writing script (Philippines’ Baybayin)

One of this app is BaybayinPlus Keyboard

Another is BaybayinPlus (a more modern keyboard included)

Both apps are available in AppStore as well.

A quick demo of this can be viewed here:

Mahjong Ta

We tried making games too. Here’s Mahjong Ta!

Haste Chat

A pocket chat app

Safety Peeks

Short Waits