Menunamo is a very portable order management system that can seamlessly integrate into any restaurant, pub, coffee shop, and establishments presenting menu to handle customer orders. It can act as a waiter, kitchen tracker, order approver, archiver, and forecaster (through weekly and daily stats).

With Menunamo, ease of orders starts with just a QR code.

The video below shows a simple demo of this system.

Why Menunamo?

  • Zero time needed to train order takers/waiters
  • Protects your shop from frequent retraining/hiring due to unpredictable attritions in F&B workers
  • With daily and weekly stats, Menunamo can help forecast your inventory and customer behavior on daily and weekly basis.
  • Owners can remote monitor the shop orders, anytime
  • Helps in managing kitchen orders covering both dine-in and take out orders.
  • Weeklong orders archived for reference and verification
  • Gives customers more convenience in viewing menu details and ordering at their own pace.
  • Menu can be shared even if customer is not in the shop
  • Your payment system stays, Menunamo is not a billing or payment system and will not disrupt how you issue receipts and handle your payment.

For pricing reference, we have the following packages, or we can customise to your use case.

HELDANDBELL also accepts development of customised version of this system, specifically tailored to the client needs. Reach out to us at